En la ciudad la desnudez significa algo. En la selva, nada

Jordan Matter es fotógrafo y en su web nos muestra su trabajo que es formidable. Os aconsejo las fotos de mujeres mostrando sus pechos en New York, para mi un trabajo espléndido, donde la naturalidad de las imágenes contrasta con la ciudad. El trabajo se llama Uncovered y esto es lo que dice el mismo de sus fotos:

Uncovered: Busting Out in the Big Apple This is a collection of photographs featuring bare-breasted women in public around New York City, often presented with interviews exploring the issues of body image and sexuality in America today. The informal and humorous nature of these images celebrates women without sexualizing or objectifying them, while creating the illusion of a tolerant world in which shirtless women go casually about their lives. Uncovered represents just one aspect of what America could look like if we were free of shame and liberated from moral judgment. This project has been featured by the Today Show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, the BBC, WROC-TV, the New York Daily News, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Time Out New York, WOR Radio, CBS Radio, Radio Free Wease, NY1 News, and the Foley Gallery in Chelsea.